Art Graphique – Illustration – Peinture Aquarelle – Photographie

I enjoy creating sober and peculiar artwork for people who love to be outdoors, mixing traditional with digital technics and I love doing calligraphy as well.

Folia Mystica - Manual Print on double card with deckled edge / Verso

folia mystica

Folia mystica – Through a special manual printing technique I bring the subtleties of foliage to light and perpetuate their mystical beauty with digital post-processing. The rendering is irregular, imperfect and slightly diffuse to bring out their ethereal aspect and to emphasize the peculiarity of Folia Mystica. I do print on different papers as well as on double cards from „de geerts“, with a wonderful deckled edge. I also create designs for apparels, home decor, cases etc which are availabe on the print on demand site

Portfolio Painting


painting - I like the flexibility of watercolor that allows me to broaden my creative bases, to deepen the beauty of the present moment recalling the memento mori, that's why the skull is predominant as motive. On the other side I create with print and watercolor techniques pieces to integrate in my other artworks as for example in my art series HelvEdition.

Portfolio KalliKAos Ka L-O-K


Calligraphy and KalliKAos done with nib & ink by Ka L-O-K. Calligraphy is an art to decorative handwriting and lettering. I love this art form as inspiration and meditation. The artworks “Raven” and “Memento Mori ” have been created in collaboration with Guy (charcoal drawing)

Capra Ibex and Bubo Bubo Canvas Prints - HelvEdition


HelvEdition – a different kind of Swissness. Inspired by Swiss nature and fauna, created in a mixed media technique using analogue painting strokes and digitally manipulated pictures. An art series for nature lovers and for people who love the outdoors.

Rose Sanguis by Ka L-O-K Somber Ambivalentiae – Fine Art Canvas Print


Ambivalentiae GraphiKArt – ambivalent somber illustrations. I love to create dark, melancholic images to solace the dark passenger within everyone. I’m creating as a graphical mixed media artist by manipulating images, composing with textures, mixing traditional painting techniques and digital processing and editing.


I love taking pictures …. I shot pictures of natural and urban environments as well as structures, colours and atmospheres which I use as inspiration and reworked in new creations. Regularly I upload some of my pictures on instagram.